Active Abilities

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Run Away: (Self) Speed 25, Duration 8, Cooldown 2, [Sara] Some prefer the term "advance to the rear"

Engage Turtle Mode:(Self) Defense +130 (Self) Speed -30, Duration 8, Cooldown 3, [Sara] Sometimes you just hunker down and take it.

Psycho Killer:(Self) Attack Power +15 (Self) Speed +15, Duration 6, Cooldown 2, [Troe, Gork] Polite people call it "berserker rage"

War Cry:(Self) Defense +90 (Self) Aggro all mobs, Duration 8, Cooldown 3, [Gork] When you want to be the center of attention

Web Slinger: (Mobs in room) Speed -75, Duration 7, Cooldown 2, [Golgy] It's only glue, but she pretends otherwise

Crawler: (Self) Not aggro by mobs, Duration 9, Cooldown 2, [Golgy] Scuttling level: Legendary