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Welcome to Dungeon of the Endless!

The Dungeons of the Endless: you've found a interesting rogue like and tower defense game which is currently in alpha and still being deeply developed.

This guide will walk through the beginning steps of survival, combat, and room exploration. While the guide itself is meant to be read as a whole, each section is able to stand alone, and this allows any reader to skip to parts that interest them.

Getting The Game Set Up[edit | edit source]

Once you past the main loading screen, you're given the the menu. As with most games there are a few options to get you started and which will have effect on game play.

The Menu Options.

  • New Game: This starts the current Single Player mode, where the player ventures into the "endless" dungeon.
  • Continue: If available this starts a previous saved mode, where the player can continue their dungeon exploration.
  • Options: This is where a player can change their resolution and audio settings.
  • Credits: This option is available to view the designers of the game.
  • Quit: Exits the program.

Controls[edit | edit source]

When playing for the first time, the controls won't be as important to your immediate survival, but later on you'll want to see what controls do what, as it will be impacting your late game. Most of the game can be played comfortably with just your mouse, planning your next moves, but if you're a deep player you'll want to figure out the controls to maximize your interaction with the game.

Screen Movement
Hero Interaction
Additional Controls
A Moves the map left Right
Give hero orders
& open menu options
Ctrl + Click on a room
to give power to the room
D Moves the map right Left
Select heroes & open doors L Check FPS Options
S Moves the map down H Heal selected hero TAB Focus on your crystal
W Moves the map up 1-4 Quick shortcuts for Hero selection
Double click number to focus
Hold to build several modules
Space Pause the game to give
hero commands or to heal
F1-F4 Build options menu
for major & minor modules

Starting Your First Game[edit | edit source]

Hero Panel.jpg

Following the intro, you'll start the Dungeon of the Endless, and the player will begin with two randomized playable Heroes:

  • Sara Icon.jpg Sara Numas: Sara Numas is a simple character with mostly support abilities.
  • Hikensha Icon.jpg Hikensha: Hikensha is a powerful tank style dominating, yet intelligent character.
  • Max Icon.jpg Max O'Kane: Max O'Kane is a simple character armed with a gun with basic support abilities.
  • Gork Icon.jpg Gork "Butcher" Koroser: Gork "Butcher" Koroser is a strong character you can use for tanking and opening doors.
  • Nurse Icon.jpg Nurse Deena Ratchet: Nurse Deena Ratchet is a seemingly very simple character for support and upgrades.
  • Troe Icon.jpg Troe Pekenyo: Troe Pekenyo is a strong character with very low wit yet powerful attack.
  • Autobot Icon.jpg Opbot DV8: Opbot DV8 is a character with very high wit yet very low attack and health.

Each character comes with their own benefits, which will grow as the game develops. Current hero skills, passive skills and some options are limited, but are expected in future patches.

You'll be able to see from the hero menu on the right side the hero panel where you can see stats, choose to level up, heal, or equip items. Also you'll be able to assign skills and other traits for additional combat or building methods.