Passive Abilities

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Operate: (Self) Can operate major modules [Sara, Troe, Gork, Golgy] Even when there's no grease. Or bananas.

Repair: (Self) Can repair damaged modules [Sara, Golgy] Band-aids and baling wire never go out of style

Soylent Green: (Self) Food 0.1 by killed mobs [Gork] It's probably edible if you hold your nose...

Skulker: (Self) Not aggro by mobs Makes you appear insignificant, uninteresting, and not particularly tasty

Duelist: (Self) Attack Cooldown -0.3 if targeted only by 1 mob [Sara] When the field of honor is a dungeon closet

Missed Again: (Target) Attack Cooldown +0.15 [Troe] Slow down and try again; it's a small target

Pickpocket: (Target) Dust loot probability +12 [Golgy] Even if it has no pockets, she'll find something

Placebo: (Heroes in room) Health Regen +4 in powered rooms Fake pills + l33t nurse skillz = Health Regen